(Paper) CTET: Mathematics : (Paper-1) - 2011


Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Teacher Eligibility Test : (Paper - 1)

Pervious Paper 2011


Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.

1. Which is true for a hexagonal pyramid ?
(1) It has six faces and each face is a hexagon
(2) It has a hexagonal base with six triangular faces meeting at a point
(3) It has two hexagonal faces and six rectangular faces
(4) It has six hexagonal faces joined by six rectangular faces

2. The length of a rectangle is ‘l’ and its width is half of its length. What will be the perimeter of the rectangle if the length is doubled keeping the width same ?
(1) 4l
(2) 5l
(3) 6l
(4) 3l

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