(Paper) CTET: Social Science : (Paper-2) - 2011


Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Teacher Eligibility Test : (Paper - 2)

Pervious Paper 2011

Social Science

1. ‘‘Throughout the 19th century, most educated women were taught at home by liberal fathers and husbands instead of sending them to schools.’’
Which of the following statements is not a correct reason for the above trend ?
(1) People feared that schools would take girls away from home
(2) Men derived great pleasure by teaching girls at home
(3) Girls had to travel through public places in order to reach school and their safety remained a concern
(4) There was a fear that schooling would prevent girls from doing their domestic duties

2. Why is mining called a primary activity ?
(1) It involves production from the natural resources of the earth
(2) It is one of the earliest forms of human activities
(3) It brings a lot of money to the government
(4) It is the biggest employer of workers

3. Which of the following is not a mineral ?
(1) Graphite in pencil
(2) Salt used for cooking
(3) Gold and silver in jewellery
(4) Mica used for insulation

4. Which of the following was not a problem faced by India soon after Independence ?
(1) Wealth and debts to be equally distributed among India, Pakistan and Great Britain
(2) Persuading the Princely States to join the Indian Union
(3) Economic development
(4) Refugees from Pakistan

5. Though India chose universal adult franchise after becoming independent, this was withheld in many other sovereign countries on the basis of certain criteria. Which of the following was not one of the criteria ?
(1) Education
(2) Religion
(3) Gender
(4) Property

6. Which one of the following statements explains the essence of ‘mixed economy’ ?
(1) Both the States and Centre divide responsibility towards economic development
(2) Both the Public and the Private sector play a significant role in increasing production and generation of jobs
(3) Both the Public and the Private sector share the profits generated in the economy equally
(4) Both the Central and State Governments have a say in the legislation controlling the economy of the country

7. Which one among the following is not a feature of ‘Lithosphere’ ?
(1) 97% of the Earth’s water lies in the Lithosphere
(2) Landforms are found on ocean floor also
(3) Mineral wealth is found in this sphere
(4) Mountains, plateaus and valleys form a part of Lithosphere

8. Which one of the following cannot be said about our planet ‘Earth’ ?
(1) It is a perfect sphere
(2) It is slightly flattened at the Poles
(3) It has a bulge in the middle
(4) It is called the ‘blue planet’

9. Ocean water keeps moving continuously unlike the calm water of ponds and lakes. Which one of the following categories is not one of the movements of water ?
(1) Waves
(2) Water cycle
(3) Tides
(4) Currents

10. Which of the following is not an advantage of high tides ?
(1) They help in fishing
(2) Electricity could be generated from them
(3) They help the local economy by drawing tourists
(4) Navigation is easier

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